Podcast to Participant!


Hi There,

My name is Ketan Patel. I have been following Talk Python to Me podcast for a while and recently came across the Async for the Pythonic web with Sanic podcast featuring Adam Hopkins. I was inspired by Adam’s talk and overall discussion. I have never been a part of any open source project so I thought this would be a good opportunity.

I work for Akamai Technologies ( CDN and Much more ) as a Software Developer. I have worked on numerous Python Projects focused around custom domain orchestration, media streaming, testing etc…

Being a Python enthusiast, I was interested knowing more about the Sanic and how it evolved as a
community project.

I would love to be a part of the community and contribute.

Who is Adam Hopkins?

Welcome @ketan86! I’ll respond about contributing in your getting started post.

In brief, Sanic transitioned to being community run last year and is trying to work towards being a fast and reliable web framework. To achieve that we are committing to LTS releases once a year, with smaller 3 month cycles in between. Each release cycle is managed by two release managers. For 2019, they are @sjsadowski and @yunstanford.