GetStarted Document for Development Contribution!


Anyone can point me to any documents or links to get started on the project and setup to start contributing ?

Podcast to Participant!

We keep all of our issues on GitHub. Anything that requires more of a general discussion also gets talked about on the forums.

One place to start would be to look at contributing guidelines. That is more for technical details, and might need some updating.

A good first place to start would be to look at help wanted and beginner issues.

Now, depending upon your skill set and desire, another priority that I would like to push this Summer is redoing the frontend with something that explains the project and has better examples and tutorials. Anyone out there interested in joining this project would definitely be welcome.

I think the best way to get involved and help out would be just to keep track of issues, pop in with comments and opinions, and join the conversations here. Just doing that and I think you will start to find good places that you would be interested in.