New project logo


I gotta say I really like the font and the dashed lines. I see where you’re going with the greyhound.
I don’t dislike it but it doesn’t quite resonate. I don’t suppose you could post the SVG up some where? :smiley:


Sure. The SVG you can download here. The font face I used was Navy Queen, you can download it from here. I was thinking on go with the dashed lines here in there within the logo itself, doing some extra work on the S character, perhaps having a 1:1 ratio so it could be used as the icon as well.


Thanks! what was the font you used on the “framework” tag it seems foreshortened.



I was just going to enclose the SANIC title with dashes and make one side slightly red and the other slightly blue aka Doppler effect and subtle reference to sanic meme


Nice! That might sound awesome. The font face I used for the “framework” part is Polly. Sorry that I missed it. You can download it here.


Yup that fixed it. Cheers.


Here’s my attempt


The files can be found here. I used a trial version of Affinity Designer to update the SVG and re-export as I was having troubles getting Inkscape to run on my MBP.


I really like that idea. I’m thinking about playing with it a little bit more. The framework font face I picked up randomly, we can use everything in upper case as well …


That looks really cool. I like how a slightly extended upper line of C adds a special vibe to the logo. (I do miss the greyhound :wink: but that’s more of an inner conflict)


Looking forward to seeing what you come up with :slight_smile:


It’s a dogs life. The extended C was @vltr 's idea. I liked to too.


Sorry for being late to the party here … I have had a ridiculous few weeks (new baby, started building a house, and some crazy last minute deadlines).

I will try to summarize my thoughts in relation to a few things:

  1. Trying to evoke speed with the horizontal lines … I am totally in favor of this.
  2. My initial impression of the greyhound was not a knee-jerk “I am in love with the idea”. I get the mascot idea, and how greyhounds tie into speed. But it seems like it is more trying to find a mascot to replace another. Maybe we can hold onto the idea for the future. For right now I think the focus should be on creating a new identity, one that is more solid, professional, and can be taken seriously.
  3. +1 for both of the typefaces introduced.
  4. +1 for the idea of squaring up the S (if it is not already) for usage as a 1:1 logo.
  5. I really like the doppler effect idea introduced by @LaughingBubba. What if the lines come inside the C a little more so it is not as square looking:


I really like the doppler effect idea introduced by @LaughingBubba

Yeah, me too! I made some changes today and I hope I can put something here tomorrow with that idea in mind, with the S being 1:1 :smile:


Yeah the extended lines into the C close the void a bit and adds a little extra sense of movement.


Any more input on this? It would be nice to come to a consensus so we can use it when we push the release.


I did not have time to work properly on this, perhaps I’ll find a spot during this week yet :wink:


How about this?

Thanks to @vltr. He did the logo work. All I did was make some color changes to it.

Personally, I really like this single color look with the “electric” magenta color.



Is it online already? :smile:


Okay… I think we have had enough ideas floated around and it is time to make a choice. I want to start implementing it next week so let’s make a decision. If you vote No, please reply with a reason why.

Should we adopt this logo?

  • Yes, I love it!
  • Yes, Let’s adopt this and tweak it more later.
  • No.

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