Going stable - v 20.12

Sanic has been in a state of “beta” for a while. I feel the project has progressed enough past this point that we can declare it stable. The API is sufficiently locked, and enough industry adoption that there will not be huge sweeping overnight changes to the project. With a firm deprecation policy in place, I feel we can shake the beta label starting with the 20.12 LTS.



I think there are too many open bugs to go stable at this point, unless people are willing to go on a fixing spree and get them done before the next LTS release. Due to architectural issues getting them fixed is not quite trivial (the easy ones have been fixed already), and thus it would seem better to aim e.g. at 21.06 for the first stable release.

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Bubbling this up again based on this conversation: How do I find out which companies use sanic?

Considering some of the big changes we have coming the beginning of the year, I am leaning towards @Tronic’s suggestion as looking for next year.

Streaming, routing, signals. All potential big changes we have coming.

:ok_hand: fine by me, it seems like it was worth bringing up again.

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