How do I find out which companies use sanic?

Hi - We are evaluating sanic for replacing our half-decade old internal async-io framework. We are trying to find out which companies (potentially) use sanic in production. Information in this regard has been a bit hard to find (production readiness) and any help will be greatly appreciated.


That is a good question with no real easy way to answer.

I can tell you for one thing that my current company uses Sanic in a number of production systems (see Sanic logo on front page). I also have personal knowledge of a several other companies using it in performance critical systems, not sure that I have discretion to name them though.

The Italian government is using it to back their Immuni Covid-19 contact tracing app. Also, Rasa is backed by Sanic.

Further usage information:

Sanic had 940k downloads in the last week, and 3.6M downloads in the last month. To give you some perspective on that, Django had 1M and 4.4M in the respective timeframes.

So, if the question is whether it is battle-tested in production: yes.


I’ve been using Sanic in production for the company I work for (and @ahopkins in the past) for more than two years now. Also, I started using Sanic in a complete software rewrite in the company I worked previously and they are still online, absolutely pleased with Sanic’s performance so far - in the verge of being bought by one of the biggest companies in the world now (Forbes 500), so, I also believe Sanic is of absolutely confidence to use :sunglasses:

thank you for the replies. Very helpful. Will keep the community posted on our progress.

Happy to help if you have any questions.

I’m under NDAs but I can tell you that it is running in production at a number of US and UK based multinationals.

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