Welcome to the Community

As you are no doubt aware, the Sanic team is working hard to turn sanic into a community built and run project.

If you missed the announcement, you can catch it here: Sanic is now an organization.

This site will hopefully become our “home” and the go to place for all Sanic topics, discussion, and information.

And, of course, we are open to your help and involvement!

I also would like to give a special shout out to Linode for providing us with some cloud resources for running this site.


Hi ,
I am a python developer with 4 to 5 years. I always wanted to write a async web framework. I have tried some, but it is not very good.Then I found sanic.It is a modern web framework, the kind of web framework I want to write. I want to participate in this project, but I have not used it for any application. so can you help me? I want to join a async web framework.

Welcome aboard @bytemaster! :beers:

We’re always happy to have more help building Sanic. The best way to get started and involved is to take a look thru the issues. There are some that are specifically marked as easier items to tackle.

Or, if you would prefer, one area we are really lacking is in the examples department. We want to build a nice catalog of examples and tutorials. Perhaps it would be a helpful way to get to know the framework by just playing with it.

It somewhat depends on where you feel comfortable. At the very least, I would suggest just jumping into conversations and becoming part of the discussion. Make your opinion known here and on GitHub.

Good advice, do you mean that I can write some examples first, like blogs, crawlers, etc., or some other interesting demo? This is a good way to get a quick look at the framework, and it can also provide some examples for some developers. However, there is a problem. If I want to start from this aspect, how can I start? Read the existing documentation and add some demos where I think I need them? Or other methods?

  1. Yes … we need some good blogs and tutorials online.
  2. We also need some more “Sanic-sponsored” content. Some discussion on this.

If you are so inclined, I would definitely encourage you to write an article of your introduction to Sanic. Build something and share it on Medium or something else.

As for number 2 in that list, there is a need for sure. But we have not solidified yet the concept of how we want to organize material. Feel free to jump into that conversation.

Sanic is itself fairly easy to stand up, partly because of its nature that it ships with its own web server. Maybe an article about how to make a “production ready” Sanic app? Of course myself and others here would be happy to lend our opinions if you need some help. There seems to be no shortage of those :laughing:.

I myself have been thinking about starting a blog or video tutorial series after the first of the year.

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Yep!I feel that I know what I should do in the first step. I searched through Google, I didn’t find a community that sanic built (maybe I describe it inaccurately), then I can build a community like this with sanic, then open source code and add some analysis.

:woozy_face: Sorry… I’m not following? What kind of a community are you talking about?

I mean like https://studygolang.com/. But I will build it by sanic. Maybe the front-end will use Vue. etc. Make it become prod project build by sanic.

Just an idea, I still need to think about whether it is necessary. Or some better way to make a demo that is easy to understand.

:thinking: Interesting idea… Let’s start a new thread to talk this over.