Welcome @harshanarayana


Welcome @harshanarayana to the @core-devs team for Sanic. We appreciate the effort you have put into pushing this project forward :beers:


Woohoo! Be welcome, @harshanarayana! You mostly deserves to be part of the @core-devs team. You’re making awesome contributions, not only to the project (as code) but to everything related! Congratulations and thank you! :metal:


@ahopkins @vltr Thank you very much for the honour. Here’s to learning new things and helping out the open source community. :beers:


I’m brand new to the project and I have to get a prototype running ASAP. I am very grateful for @harshanarayana and his skeleton cookiecutter: https://github.com/harshanarayana/cookiecutter-sanic/tree/master


Glad it was of help.


Awesome. And welcome.

If you have any questions about prototyping or best practices, I’m sure there are plenty of opinions to go around :joy: