Websockets 6.0 breaking change


Hi everyone (as you join) - I am merging the Websockets 6.0 change to master. This is a known breaking change but it needs to be done, and honestly the pain is what it is. After this, I will be merging master to the 18.12 LTS release branch and continue doing merges for fixes periodically through 12/22. On 12/22 I’d like us to be able to push something that we consider stable, supportable, and curated to PyPI.

This also introduces a bit of a new methodology: support for 2 branches. 18.12 LTS will continue for one year, through December 2019. At that point, we will need to pay attention to issues related to which version someone is using and we should (in my opinion) be prioritizing bug and security fixes for 18.12 LTS, while master and the 19.X releases are stable, but prone to change.

In the mean time, I’m doing my best to curate issues and PRs, but I could really use help with reviews. I’m a fair-to-middling developer, and I’m okay with adding my approval, but I’d rather leave that to folks with skills superior to mine to review the code changes so that I am available to complete the merge. In my mind, it’s an unspoken rule that a PR submitter does not complete a merge and a reviewer does not complete a merge, for both form’s sake and to have a separation of vested interests.



First … Awesome awesome job @sjsadowski. Thank you so much for stepping up and throwing so much into the issues and managing the repo. :fireworks:

Second, I agree that this is a necessary breaking change. Why? Well … because it is broken right now. That is unless you force your requirements to change the version of websockets. It is not so straightforward for the a developer that comes off the street and pip install sanic.

Third, I agree with the strategy you laid out for the branches and release.

Right now master only requires one review to merge and the release branches are on two. I did this because sometimes there are simple items that might be easier to do without requiring multiple hands.

HOWEVER, as we discussed on the mailing list, it is the job of the @release-managers to do all merges to master and the release branches. In my opinion, it is the job of the @core-devs to add reviews. Not to merge.