V22.6 cant not use Sanic("auto", register=True)

cant not use Sanic(“auto”, register=True)

error sanic unexpected “register”

Please see release notes:

That feature was deprecated in v21.12 and marked for removal in 22.6

FYI, all apps are registered.

Which sanic version should be used with a code that uses register argument? I am using sanic 20.9.1 and it does not have this argument in the class definition.

We just removed it. I think maybe 20.12 or 21.3 it was introduced. Why do you specifically want to use that arg though?

:cold_sweat:Unfortunately,this is a great function …all of my websites use this function。。It is very convenient for Hot update,add or cut functions online。maybe i cannot update sanic anymore

Please explain what you mean. What is the downside to having your apps in a registry?

Is there any alternative?i have 20+apps all in one website and 10+apps in other websites,this registry function seems that android dynamically loads class files or Sublime Text dynamically loads plugins.so this is real a great function

This has nothing to do with a file system. If there are fake folders being created, then there must be something in your code that is doing that. Are you using docker? Mounting volumes can sometimes lead to empty directories (I still wouldn’t know the connection to Sanic though.)