Use sanic-jwt-extended

Just started using sanic-jwt-extended, I found that its time is UTC, why not use local time?

    def _encode_jwt(cls, token_type, payload, expires_delta):
        algorithm = cls.config.algorithm
        secret = (
            if algorithm.startswith("HS")
            else cls.config.private_key

        iss = payload.pop("iss") if payload.get("iss") else cls.config.default_iss
        aud = payload.pop("aud") if payload.get("aud") else cls.config.default_aud
        # This
        iat = datetime.datetime.utcnow()
        # This
        nbf = payload.pop("nbf") if payload.get("nbf") else iat
        jti = uuid.uuid4().hex

        reserved_claims = {"iss": iss, "aud": aud, "jti": jti, "iat": iat, "nbf": nbf}

This is an external project and doesn’t appear to have been updated in 2+ years. I would recommend opening an issue here:

You can try using sanic-rest-framework