Start sanic app with warning

I am new to Sanic and I finished script. When I click run button in PyCharm, the app started and api worked, but I found some warnings in Terminal. Is there anything I missed? What I can do to fix these warnings?

from sanic import Sanic

from src.view import admin, student, teacher

app = Sanic('xxx')

app.blueprint(admin, url_prefix='/admin')
app.blueprint(student, url_prefix='/student')
app.blueprint(teacher, url_prefix='/teacher')

if __name__ == '__main__':'', port=8084, debug=True, auto_reload=True)
# terminal warning
[35610] [WARNING] Could not find signal server.init.before
[35610] [WARNING] Could not find signal server.init.after

Welcome to the community :clap::sunglasses:

You can ignore these warnings.

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Thanks for answering my problem! :wave:

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