Showcase of SANIC

I came to know today that theres something called SANIC FRAMEWORK.
no idea what it is, who is it for etc.

the otherday i visited they have presented well a showcase of projects built on threejs.

in similarway, can you have a section where you can display a showcase of stunning projects built on SANIC. it will help people like me to understand what SANIC is for…

just a suggestion :slight_smile:

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That’s a great idea for sure. The problem is that it is much easier to have a showcase like this for a frontend project than for a backend project like Sanic. This is why we have never done it before.

However… this is something we’ve talked about and have something in the works. I don’t have any details for you today, but will update you as soon as I do. We’ve talked about having a community built application that can be explored and interacted with.

Similarly, I am working on a book that will be published sometime soon. Part of the presentation of the book will be a live application exactly like this that you can access, review source code, and interact with.

that sounds nice, btw, whats the core goal of Sanic? who are the competitors or similar players in the market?

because ive been through ErpNext, Django, Phoenixframework,, Strapi, framework7 and more
Why Sanic?

If Sanic can evolve into a cloud platform of developer stack
it would be a great advantage for the market…
Btw, i have some mockup for you on how you can showcase backend services…

idea shameless stolen from Adobe products: desktop, web and mobile applications | Adobe

Sanic is a Python 3.7+ web server and web framework that’s written to go fast. It allows the usage of the async/await syntax added in Python 3.5, which makes your code non-blocking and speedy.

Sanic is also ASGI compliant, so you can deploy it with an alternative ASGI webserver.

The goal of the project is to provide a simple way to get up and running a highly performant HTTP server that is easy to build, to expand, and ultimately to scale.

Unabashedly stolen from the documentation

Understood, as per my previous comment
imaging 100 project owners deciding to use sanic, all of them requires identity services right?
its waste of time for them to create it on their own…

if sanic can provide community built apps on sanic framework, it would help more and more developers to easily kickstart their projects.

can we have a community kickstarter boilerplates?

I think you’re making assumptions - not everyone needs identity services. Sanic tries very hard to be unopinionated. There are plenty of plugins, and some common utilities can be found at

Because we hesitate to prescribe patterns, it’s unlikely that we’re going to produce boilerplate more than exits in the documentation itself. Of course, you’re welcome to create your own template and reuse that when it encompasses your own opinions.

Please, take a deep look at the documentation, and visit us on discord, where I think many of your questions can be answered.