Saying Hello to Everyone

Hi, my name is … Stuart

I’ve been programming in Python since … 2019

Currently, I am using sanic to … build APIs but also playing around with static/dynamic site content.

Sanic is looking very promising. Coming from:

Python: Flask
Go: Hugo and Go http libs
Java/Spring Boot

I decided a short while back to ‘settle’ on one language (at least) for a while and picked Python. For web apps I was sucked into Flask, but was never really satisfied. Sanic looking really promising though. Glad to see there is an active community; that makes such a difference.

Would welcome any links to good tutorials/videos/courses on Sanic to help me get up to speed.


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Welcome :wave:

Python is a great community with a lot of passionate and welcoming developers. The more I get involved, the more I am blown away that besides just being a great set of tooling, there are lots of great personalities behind them.

As for information about Sanic, there is some good stuff on these forums. There is also an awesome list with some libraries. Sanic really tries hard to not be opinionated. Therefore, there is a lot of freedom, and a lot left to choice.

Above all else, I would recommend to come back here with questions.