Sanic + Motor example


I did a simple sample app using sanic and motor, I believe that is a good start point for many devs, I would like to share, core-review and PR are very welcome, thank you, please star-it if you like.


Awesome. Thanks for sharing. You should add it to:

Great, I’ll put there. Thank you

Nice work. BTW, there is a library called uMongo, and it is an ODM(ORM for NoSQL) library. I was using Sanic, Motor with uMongo before. Maybe you can take a look on it.

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Hey Chen, how’re doing? Thank you for share, I will consider it in my tests. I’m about to create different feature branches, with different support libs and different paradigms (Object oriented and functional).

as suggested by @chenjr0719

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Nice work

You may also want to share here :