Sanic documentation style

Hello all,

Since we are an open-source project, we should have really good documentation of classes/functions/methods, etc. Unfortunately, right now we have a lot of not documented stuff.

Would be cool to consider it, and improve it step-by-step, also would be great to make an agreement for our docstring conventions, in order to avoid mess in the docstrings.


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@5onic I agree with you. I started an effort to move most of the documentation from markdown to rST earlier this year, but the Covid pandemic plus other personal issues have consumed most of my time earlier this year and now I don’t know if I can commit the changes to a PR :sweat_smile:

But, these things happens, we all get hit sometimes and have to sacrifice something in order to get things back on track. I do realize that Sanic needs better documentation inside the source code, not to mention the upcoming changes that would be a good thing to already have (these changes).

If any change on Sanic is towards bringing information and concise data to developers, then I’m probably all in :wink:

Better docstrings, and better type annotations.

This can roll into the desire for an overhaul on documentation.