Sanic create_task output logs

Why does the task created by Sanic (using asyncio.create_task ) only print logs every 8 minutes, and can it be achieved to print in real-time?

    # regular task
    async def stuff_background_task(task_id='s1'):
        if 'task_01' in app.config['SERVER_NO']:
            task_name = multiprocessing.current_process().name
            if task_name == 'Sanic-Server-0-0':
                    while True:
                         print('print log....')  # output to terminal
                        await asyncio.sleep(10)

    async def setup_background_tasks(app, loop):

Does it help if you add the following to the print statement? Normally Python buffers output (IIRC to 8192 characters on linux).

     print(..., flush=True)