Sanic 20.12 Conda Package for python 3.9?


i just realized that on conda there is no package for the latest sanic 20.12 and python 3.9, only forpython 3.8 a package is available.

Is the conda package not part of the official release or is something more sinister going on?


We do not actively maintain that. There is an old issue about it, and this repo. I imagine something in there probably needs to be updated.

The version bumping and package rebuilds are triggered by the conda-forge bot after a new version appears on PyPI. Support for new python versions happens via conda-forge migrations. The python 3.9 migration status can be followed here conda-forge status
There was an unmerged PR which has been closed by the bot due to commit conflicts conda-forge/sanic-feedstock/pull/23

I recreated that pull request to add support for python 3.9, see Rebuild for python 3.9 by kszucs · Pull Request #28 · conda-forge/sanic-feedstock · GitHub

Conda-forge is heavily used by the scientific community and it’s a great way for package distribution. Generally speaking it’s pretty easy to maintain pure python conda-forge repository, most of the updates are handled automatically and the maintainers are responsive. We can also add more maintainers to the recipe/meta.yaml#L57. @ahopkins perhaps it would be nice having you listed there.

Awesome, thanks @kszucs. Happy to be added.

It’s there now.

And just because I’m greedy:
Any chance of sanic 21 coming soon…? :pleading_face: