Runs on Windows?


Hi and thanks for an awesome library. I read somewhere (possibly outdated) that sanic couldn’t run on windows because of it’s dependency on uvloop.

Is this true? and if so, would docker be a work around for this?



No, not now. Current version can detects the platform and exclude uvloop when on Windows.


Thanks. Is docker on a windows host an option?


Yes, you can run it inside Docker. In the coming weeks with the release of 18.12 I hope to also be releasing an official Docker image with a few different container options.


@LaughingBubba If you are willing to take a stab at trying something in the beta mode you can try cookiecutter-sanic. #selfplug

It will setup some basic infra required to run the sanic app in container environment as well as a plain app directly on the host.


Nice! Now if that was a cookie cutter that did graphQL … :wink:


Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out for it.

I ran the sample code using docker-compose. This was my crack at it. I haven’t tried it on a win10 host yet.



I will add it to the todo items so that I can take care of it during the next set of changes.