Release 19.3 - Sunday March 17th



Unless there are any strong objections, I’ll be releasing 19.3 on Sunday (US Central Time)



Yes! The SSL “stuff”. I’ve be working here and there and I still have a trip this weekend … Oh my :no_mouth:

I also fixed some build errors like not being able to run tox in my own machine with combined coverage from all environments. I want to put that on master and 18.12 LTS ASAP.


This is going out shortly. I am hoping that once @vltr is back from his trip this weekend, 18.12.1 and 19.3.1 will be fast followers with the SSL fix in place.


@sjsadowski from the changelog, can you tell what was backported to 18.12 and what needs backporting?


I don’t think we’re backporting anything else; there were a couple of fixes that @harshanarayana ported to 18.12. Documentation fixes wouldn’t hurt, but I’m not going to call them critical as all of them were basically missing words or typos.