Release 18.12 LTS


@sjsadowski and @yunstanford Where do we stand for the release? Can you provide all of us and the @core-devs an idea on what you may need from us before the release? What are the dates you are targeting?


I think we need to address any outstanding known bugs and then do a last PR from master to the branch.

Per the other posts, I’d like to get a go/no-go vote from the core devs the weekend of 2018/12/15 and then do the release 2018/12/22 if we get a go vote.

Only outstanding PR right now is #1294 and I don’t think there are any issues that are bug-type that we’ll be able to solve for 18.12 unless someone wants to submit a PR to solely address the port in url_for issue #1380

If we can get those licked, possibly do an 18.12 RC on 2018/11/24 which gives us 10 days to address the PR and issue above, then three weeks of working with the RC before the go/no-go vote.


:+1: I like that plan. Thanks for laying it out for us.

I think the url and port one should wait. Especially since there is not 100% clarity on what we will implement. And it may possibly have a backwards impact.


Sounds good. Then we just need to get #1294 approved/merged and then a merge to the 18.12 LTS branch.

I’d like to get the codecov up to 90% too, but I don’t see a huge push from the community there, and ultimately it has been stable (+/- .25%) across our PRs so I’m okay so far.

I did make a post about possibly including bandit in the pipeline for SAST reports, so possibly that’s something we can incorporate if people agree.


Just a suggestion, Since there is a discussion going on around rebuilding the reloader, wouldn’t it be a good idea to exclude it from the coverage and SAST to get a more accurate baseline?

I do have another PR that I will create with a few more unit tests in another day or two.


@harshanarayana yes, that’s what @vltr suggested too. For now it was just a trial run to see what it dug up on master, and the good thing is “not much”


So December 2018 is nearly over and the window for a 18.12 LTS seems very narrow. Are we looking at a 19.01 LTS now?

Will releases be tracked at: Github Releases?


Still on track. We passed the final approval for releasing the 18.12rc3, so that should be any day now. And yes, it will be tagged on GitHub as a release with notes, etc.