Proposal: Sanic podcast


The other day I was listening the “talk python to me” podcast with @ahopkins

How crazy will be to make a monthly/regular podcast about sanic?
We could show the advances, the troubles, present extensions, projects made with sanic or anything related

Disclaimer: I have never done a podcast but I could show up my work with sanic


I think this is a pretty neat idea, and would be happy to join you on this, although I know that I cannot commit the time needed to producing and publishing a podcast.

Now, as I started saying on GitHub (and this is not to discourage you), I think the big question is what would the format be and what would the content be. Maybe it is a “what’s new in Sanic” type format. I am sort of worried that you may not have enough to keep it just on Sanic the whole time. I could be wrong.

My initial instinct was that once a month sounded about right. Then, thinking about it, since we are moving to a 3 month schedule for releases, perhaps it makes sense to tie the podcasts to that?

I am thinking that maybe something more like Python Bytes (20 minute overview of news) and less like Talk Python to Me (1 hours interviews) makes sense.

Let me know what you were thinking and what level of help you may or may not want.

As I stated, I really want to start producing some more Sanic related content. My thoughts have been mostly on blogs and video tutorials.


The idea of making it when the release is out sounds good to me too

I have no real preferences on that details, what I was thinking is about to have a regular sanic show to know otherwise not visible teams working on it, know their points of view of what/why/how, etc

Would be nice if some other people here could say their opinions


Sounds awesome. I say run with it. I will be happy to help if I can. Post on the main forum I guess. I think @vltr will probably be interested.


I don’t really know if a podcast would be nice, but mostly a place where someone can post any content he would like regarding Sanic, a showcase, a plugin, tutorials, etc. We are short in examples and material, I don’t know if we could do something like that in Sanic website or should we use some other platform? I mean, there are a lot of things to show regarding Sanic out there … Where to start? :sweat_smile:


Using the Sanic Website sounds like a much better idea. We can add a Guest Blog section where we can add the regularly curated contents about Sanic and showcasing all the new/existing wonderful plugins and any other features of Sanic that can make end user’s life easy. This will ensure we have all the Sanic content under one parent website. Easy for the enduser’s find and explore things.

We can add a section on the Page which links to the Documentation’s extensions section that can help the website visitors to easily find the available extensions.


Agreed. This sounds more than reasonable: it’s actually a plan! :smile:


Anyone interested in stepping up to spearhead the effort?


I can help you with some of the changes to sanic website. I also have a PR on the way that adds a few more things to documentation and adds a tiny bit details about each of the examples in the Readthedocs documentation.


Podcasts solve a different problem, they are great ways to consume information when your hands or eyes are occupied (driving, cooking, car repair…)