Are this framework is production-ready? API is stable?


Yes. I use it in production to power a microservice architecture on a fairly heavily trafficked application. The API is stable and no breaking changes are in the works.


Would be neat to see a “showcase” of sorts, showing off all the great apps that have been developed using Sanic. Would help convince others that Sanic is in a production-ready state.


There is this:

But, not sure anyone has really been doing much with it really. It probably belongs on the front page of the main website.


Ohh sweet! Must have overlooked that while perusing the GitHub page. Putting it someplace more prominent would be beneficial, I think.


Agreed… I rarely ever check the “wiki” pages on any GitHub project. Sort of out of site out of mind.


Also to make enterprise users more comfortable, we are getting ready for an LTS support release in december.