Organization umbrella


I want to restart the conversation about what repositories are under the organizational umbrella and how they are managed. It seems we have a good routine for sanic core… but what else?

For example sanic-openapi? sanic-pytest? anything else?

@everyone and @core-devs please provide your thoughts.


I think it makes absolute sense for sanic-pytest. sanic-openapi is your baby, @ahopkins, so I like the idea since sanic is api-centric and if you’re comfortable with it, and @yunstanford is comfortable with sanic-pytest bothh of those are good fits.

Other things I think are on as a case-by-case basis, and should require a volunteer lead if they’re moving over due to abandonment by the original dev. I don’t feel comfortable bringing things in that will be DOA.


sanic-openapi was created by channelcat. I have been monitoring the issues, but not sure I’d call that one “my baby”. It is under the umbrella right now only because channelcat moved it when he moved sanic core.

My plugin is: sanic-jwt :wink:


oops! My bad! Well, either way, sanic-openapi seems like it’s a good fit.


I’d second that those two feel like the should fall inside the umbrella. I think in the strictest sense a testing lib seems like a need to have while openapi seems like a nice to have but it is also is twice as popular (by stars) as any of our other extensions so as long as it has maintenance support it seems like a fine add


I feel like sanic-openapi should definitely be up there! Personally I use sanic-pytest as well so that would be nice too :slight_smile:


@yunstanford, what is your input on this?


I think that pytest-sanic is important enough to be under the organization umbrella. Even Sanic itself now uses it for testing purposes :wink:


Yeah, I’m also interested to know how we’re going to manage and contribute to get more benefits. thoughts ?


sth. like ?