One of your release managers - who am I?


Hi All,

I just wanted to do a brief introduction in the new year. I’m Stephen Sadowski, one of your release managers for 2018/19. I’ve been working with Sanic for a couple of years now, a convert over from Flask, then Falcon when I was looking for an option that compete with express (on the JS side) in terms of api responsiveness due to asynchronicity - and as a way to stop writing server-side JS, which drives me batty.

I’ve been working with web technologies since 1994, when I got my first job as a fledgling linux/user admin using a slackware build with a pre 1.0.0 kernel, installed on servers using Walnut Creek media.

I’ve held a slew of jobs and associated titles over the past 25 years, including: sysadmin, software developer, consultant, owner/ceo, devops engineer, systems architect, and with all sorts of modifiers tacked to the front of them. Currently I’m running a team of people for a US-based agency and we use sanic for some of our APIs and middleware layers.

I’ve mentioned to people before - I’m not the best dev in the world, but ultimately I’ve failed quite a bit and I tend to learn from that, so in that way, experience counts for lots, and I’m happy to try and keep other people from making my mistakes. You’ll often find me answering things, but then asking for confirmation from people whom I consider better engineers/devs/whatever so that I’m not spewing out bad information.

Anyway - cheers, happy 2019, and let’s go fast!