On intel mac the sanic dev mode uses 99% CPU


low priority question:

i start sanic from inside a script , like

    app.run(host="", port=PORT, dev=isDebug, access_log=isDebug, workers=workers, motd=False, single_process=isDebug)

with various variations of that.

And anytime when i do this the python process uses 99%, as long as sanic is running.

dev mode False is fine.

I’m on an intel mac with Monterey 12.6 and conda python 3.10

i assume the culprit is the watcher that keeps polling the file system…

Any way to avoid that high CPU usage?

The mac gets annoyingly loud…

Hi there!

There’s an open issue (#2566) currently tracking this problem, and a WIP pull request (#2567) to solve it.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Didn’t find that issue…