Multiprocessing is currently not supported on nt

[WARNING] Multiprocessing is currently not supported on nt, using workers=1 instead

Have you ever encountered such a problem? Which God can help solve the problem?

Correct. Sanic does not currently support multiple workers on Windows.

For some context:

If you are willing, we would welcome a PR that could help tackle this.

Oh, that’s a pity. Does sanic have any plans to support this

Plans yes, and quite a bit of work has already been done to fix pickling, but I believe there are still some issues to be sorted out. Once the remaining ones are fixed, “spawn” mode should work on all platforms. This also affects MacOS where the use of “fork” mode is discouraged by Python docs, although it still works.

Fixing this is not particularly difficult, just a lot of work. Namely, switch that to “spawn” and try running your app and tests, fixing issues until you get no more pickling errors.

Exactly. I’d be very happy to help coach someone along in this. The only windows machines in my house are a bit dopey, and I try to avoid using them for development purposes.

As @Tronic said, I think we are probably 80% of the way there.

That’s great. I’m looking forward to the day of support!@ ahopkins No matter how much more, I will always pay attention to it