Multiprocessing in sanic

Hello dear, sanic fellows, I have a question regarding multiprocessing and sanic, I want to provide an API that is heavily CPU bound, so I wanted to know if there is any way I can use multiprocessing in sanic. I like to distribute a dataset (divide it into multiple sections) across multiple processes, perform some computation on it and merge the results.
I appreciate your time and help.

Yup, Sanic is a great use case for this. Take a look at my article here: Pushing work to the background of your Sanic app

That is exactly the type of operations that article had in mind, and I do this type of thing in a bunch of my own apps.

thank you sir, but the link you have provided is a not found page. (404 error)
i believe the right link is Pushing work to the background of your Sanic app.
it seems to be the answer iv’e been looking for. that’s amazing.

Oy. Thanks. Updated.