Maybe time to remove "Next generation"

“Next generation”

on the github about and on the ain website give the impression that sanic is not stable and still a POC

Async framework and ASYNC in python3 is a now a common thing.

I propose to remove “Next generation” so It does not sound “unreasonable” or “unstable” to use sanic

I’ve been mulling this over and you’re probably correct. “Next Generation” should be replaced with “Asynchronous”


:thinking: Hmm… I never thought of it that way. Just replacing it with “asynchronous” doesn’t fully embrace the project goals though. Any other thoughts?

nothing is just fine ( django and flask are also ASGI, so now it’s the standard )

Build fast. Run fast.
Python web server/framework

Maybe it should be:

Python framework and web server

to try and highlight the fact that it is not just a framework. Still seems less assertive that way. :man_shrugging: I am not a marketing person, so my opinions are only worth so much.

The header of the readme and the sanic website are not for power users of sanic but new users

so it should be simple and clear

something like

Python web framework (ASGI)

the fact that sanic also have an internal server is not important for new comers, they will discover that by reading the documentation

@ahopkins WDYT ? ( little ping )

Going to rework it a little for this next release :+1:

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Do you still consider this proposition ?

Yes, just not sure of the messaging yet.