Launching Sanic App on an EC2 Instance

Hello good people, I need help, I have an EC2 instance that I was using to try Sanic for the first time but my biggest problem is I can’t even launch my Hello World app. I have a public IP Address, allowed port 8000 from my inbound security groups, using --host= but still failing to show up on the browser.

Is there something I could be missing? Can someone tell me how to use a specific public IP address with Sanic?

This is really complex overall.

First, I would check to see if you can access it locally using curl, so curl localhost:8000 to verify it connects. Second, verify that your host-based firewall either allows port 8000 or is disabled. Depending on the OS or distribution you’re running, you’ll need to look up the appropriate tools. Third, verify that there is an internet gateway (IGW) in your account that is allowing traffic to and from your VPC.

If you have verified that all those are working, let me know, and I can provide you some more troubleshooting steps.