Introducing the `databases` package


Hey folks - this oughta be relevant to anyone writing async database code.

I’ve recently released which gives you async support for making SQLAlchemy Core queries against Postgres, MySQL, and SQLite databases.

It’s a lower level abstraction to work at than, say, GINO, but it gives you cross-database support, and a really nice API that properly deals with nested transactions, connection pooling, test isolation, and integrating against Alembic for migrations.

I’ll get it added to the extensions docs shortly, but figured it’d be worth a shout-out here too.

Using sync db drivers with sanic

Hey Tom - Just wanted to say thanks for continuing to contribute to our community. I know you stay busy with starlette and I really appreciate you being active with Sanic as well.


Cheers. Yeah lots of plates spinning, but really would like to make some time for having a seconds look at ASGI for Sanic sometime in the next few weeks or so.


Hi @tomchristie , first of all awesome package , I have just one question/opinion why you named your package databases? it’s so generic and confusing and really hard to search.