Inconsistent use of loggers

I’m not sure whether this counts as a bug or is somehow wanted behavior, so I’m opening a new topic here instead of littering the Github issue tracker.

Sanic uses currently three different loggers which are defined in sanic/ at ad97cac31393477380ee421281d6356e604353d4 · sanic-org/sanic · GitHub
What left me wondering while looking at different parts of the source code is that the default logger instance sanic.root seems to be used even in cases like logger.exception() and logger.error() which I think would make more sense to log using the sanic.error instance.

Is there a reason why the default logger is used in some cases instead or the error logger? If there is no reason for this and this should be changed, I’m happy to submit a pull request updating the logging behavior.

I think it is likely oversight. A PR to make it more consistent would be welcome!