How can I do if I want do some well-functioned feature such as user authentication in sanic?

I love sanic very much so I take it as my main framework for wep app development. But I want some feature such as user authentication as well as session,cookie like somewhat in django. Though there exist some sanic plugins to fit these requirements, I am unable to setup it with sanic as a full-worked framework.

Is there anyone have such boilerplate with full-functioned feature such as user authentication, session,cookie, csrf and so on ?

Great thanks.

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The main difference (besides performance) between Django and Sanic is that Django is “batteries included.” There is a set way to do things, and you build around the framework’s requirements. Sanic takes a different approach. Instead, it provides tools and functionality to build the application that you need. A fundamental core value of the project is that it is unopionated.

Unopinionated and flexible
Build the way you want to build without letting your tooling constrain you.


Sounds like maybe the problem is with the plugins? Is there a specific issue you are having?

This is a lot of different features that will vary greatly depending upon your stack. Presumably since you are asking about sessions, I imagine that you have a DB backend? Maybe with an ORM? There are a lot of considerations here.

A few years ago I gave a talk about access control in Sanic. Maybe checkout the slides, watch the video, and look thru the example code. There is some information that I think will be helpful to you. Feel free to post if you have anymore questions.

No , No. It is ABSOLUTE my problem to setup up thses plugins with Sanic.
Thank you for thses replies. I will take all your suggestion into account.