Help with logging requests and everything else please

I am running a simple personal website with very less traffic. I have been seeing some odd requests to server which throws some kind of errors. I mainly see these requests from domains like and other such kind and by some random IP addresses.

Take a look at my very simple implementation of my website at this GitHub repo

I need help with logging such requests so that I can analyze what’s the problem. I am a beginner in these kind of developments, Help would be really appreciated :blush: and thank you in advance :heart:

Can you clarify what you need help with, specifically?

It sounds like you’re already logging the errors because you’re able to identify that they exist.

I am not logging anything. I read the error output from the terminal of my server.

By the thank you for your help :heart:

I need to log such error prone requests for debugging. The error and its origin of cause with full details like domain/ip, request path/data etc.

I have no idea how to log those requests and errors with full details as i am learning right now from people like you :blush:

here you go, this is the documentation you need: Logging | Sanic Framework

Thank you :heart:, thats what i needed :blush: