Help Wanted: Call for Volunteers

It’s time to start thinking about a better frontpage for Sanic. One thing that will certainly help boost the public image of the project is having better news, examples, documentation, tutorials, etc. Let’s bring it all under one roof, and put it on the domain.

To accomplish this, I would like to bring together a group of maybe 3-4 collaborators (not too many people to start) to hash out design and implementation ideas.

  • Are you good with CSS/web design?
  • Have some ideas on how to leverage automation tools?
  • Want to share your knowledge by helping write content?

If you are interested in helping out Sanic, but do not know where to get started, this is your opportunity.

Please respond to this post, or send me a private message if you are interested.


I would like to help, I have some experience with frontend, although I’m bad at design things. So, some designer is required, which will make custom design.

But first, let me share my thoughts to be in one boat. I recently came across similar problems, trying to figure out how to make my personal blog.

So, I see sanic docs desired to be:

  1. It should be a signle-page application
  2. It’s desired to be content oriented, as major part is a text / documentation
  3. It’s desired to be markdown to allow easily write docs, and not everyone wants to deal with html
  4. Arbitrary custom design, if it would be required
  5. Be able to extend markdown

Right now there are two major modern competitors in this area. Gatsby JS based on React.js (have no experience with it) and GridSome (based on Vue.js).

Well, to my opinion GridSome is just the best choice right now. It applicable to all mentioned requirements and even more. It allows to use headless CMS (our frontend / design; data are fetched from that headless CMS).

Even more, GridSome site itself is written with And I like it a lot. It has slick design and all required topics - docs, releases / news page, blog. It would just take that ready to use site and start it to modify a little bit for Sanic needs.

When it comes to how to build / deploy / host I would choose which allows to host modern frontend. It can redeploy from GitHub commits automatically.

Awesome. I have not heard of either, but will check them out. Personally, I don’t care much whether it is React or Vue based because (as you mentioned) our needs are primarily content based. Both are easy enough and popular enough to work with if we need plug-ins or modifications.

I agree with your assessment.

I volunteer for this. Been a long time sanic user, wanner help it out

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Thanks everyone. I was not so available the last couple weeks. I am collecting some more thoughts on this and will probably be in touch later this week, or early next week.

Hi @ahopkins, I got some positive responses from a small Sanic app I did at work… I’m hoping to turn that into more support for Sanic.
-Blaise (from my work account)

Not CSS related but it could be an idea to make sure that this domain is under some kind of DDoS protection service or caching one. I would personally recommend cloudflare myself as I keep using it for my projects.
I personally think it would be useful because

  • Blocks DDoS meaning the site can function through them and we won’t have to deal with the impact as much
  • Cache resources to reduce the impact on the backend servers for the site
  • and damn is it reliable
    But you can read all this for yourself on the site. There are trolls and bad people out there and I would like to see this site continuing to function regardless of them.

Happy to help out with this or the site itself as well :slight_smile:

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After a rather unintended lengthy absence, I am wrapping my head around this AGAIN. Let’s regroup and throw together an actionable plan after the 1st of the year.

I’d be interested in helping out. I’ve some experience with CSS, React (hosting on Netlify, as well as Heroku)

Awesome thanks. I am planning to gather together the troops interested in this in a week or two. Stay tuned. In the mean time, if anyone wants to mull over some ideas on how to do this, great!

I personally think using a static site generator would be best.


I’m not sure if you still need help. I just saw this, but if you are still looking for folks, I am happy to help out. I’ve done UX for 20+ years. While I am very involved in development work these days, my degree is actually in graphic design, and have worked in both competencies professionally in my career.

Sounds fantastic. I am moving houses in about a week. After that, I plan to get back full swing I to Sanic. This is high on my priority list.

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React or Vue plus stuff built on top of them may be problematic in that Javascript modules keep constantly evolving, use way too many callback chains and have a high number of bugs. Because of that, I’d prefer static HTML generation from Python with mainly CSS navigation and maybe javascript details but not entire DOM being generated in Javascript. CSS navigation can make one HTML file appear a sleek single page app with proper menus. I wonder if Google or Bing can already read content of React apps but in any case HTML should work better with search engines, and quite possibly they can even get anchors right so that links will point to proper subpages of that one document.

A related concern: Sanic needs logo graphics. It turns out that Unicode has a hedgehog emoji and with hue-rotate that can even be blue, but as you see, it is maybe not quite optimal still: (my testing site that may be down or displaying something else in the future).

Now that we’re almost a year later… This is back to being a priority. Let’s start by getting a clean design and some good working examples to build out a front page. The existing placeholder is built using pelican, so unless there is someone that wants to take a lead role on implementing a different stack, I’m in favor of just coming up with a template to remodel what we have.