Hello everyone!

Hi, my name is Mykhailo but feel free call me Mike, from a beautiful city Lviv(Ukraine).

I’ve been working as a Software engineer for around 4 years, and mostly doing it in Python, but also I have experience with Ruby/Golang in production level.

I interested in Algorithms&Data structures, I believe that’s a fundamental thing across all languages(my favorite language is Python :innocent:)

Also, in my free time I’ve been contributing to open-source projects such as Falcon, Django(only one commit :sweat_smile:) and of course Sanic.

I love my family, fishing, programming.



Welcome Mike. Sounds like you have some great experience to bring to the table. Excited to have your help.

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Sure, I’ll try to help, but another hand, I have the plan to learn a lot of things from you guys!

My knowledge of networks/HTTP/WebSockets isn’t so good.

I’m excited too!

Welcome Mike!

P.S. Lviv is beautiful city indeed.

Yeah, for sure :heart: :blush:

Well now I need to find some photos and hit up Google Earth.

@ahopkins https://lviv.travel/en/recommendations :grinning: