_handle_request exception after upgrading from 20.9.1 to 21.3

Hello everyone.

I had a fully work api running with Sanic 20.9.1, then i noticed there was a newer version of sanic so i upgraded and then when i tried to make a request it gave this exception:

[2021-04-08 13:56:44 -0400] [15608] [ERROR] _handle_request() missing 2 required positional arguments: ‘write_callback’ and ‘stream_callback’

along with warnings about: Settings variables on Sanic instance will be deprecated.

I don’t know if my old config works with the new version or i need to configure something else.


It was due a version conflict between sanic_cors and Sanic’s, i had to upgrade sanic_cors to version 1.0.0

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