Feature Requests and Backlog Management


I think from a project management perspective it would be useful to have a kanban?

Mapping backlog to open issues to PRs in my head is like I’m playing Go with a less intelligent version of myself that is still winning.

I.E. It would be nice to track not just the labels for intended releases, but to be able to know what’s actively being worked on.


Why not start a board on GitHub projects?


That would work for me. I can set it up today.


That would be nice! At least everyone would see what we are planning. Otoh, if any discussion is needed, we need to make sure it is backed by a discussion here, use the votes and etc; use this as our official “debate” tool :wink:


There is a plugin I saw for importing GitHub issues into Discourse.


I saw some too as well. Do you think it is a good idea?


I’m not convinced yet. Let’s try and drum up some more discussion here and see what works for everyone.


I gave a quick look into some of the options, they may seem incomplete, IDK … The most awesome tool would be to simply duplicate things between here and some github issue; also the most simple one I guess …


I think integrating github issues here would actually divide the conversation. There are several people both currently active and in the past that have shown no particular interest for the direction discussions, they simply want to raise issues to be fixed and some of whom even submit the fixes themselves.

My concern, then, is that if any of the discussion around issues is made more difficult to find and follow, the level of interaction from the non-opinionated but technically minded portion of the community may decrease. I’d rather foster involvement for a bit.

It’s roughly the same argument for effectively killing off the google group that was set up as stop-gap so that people aren’t going to two places for discussion about the community and project itself.


My main concern as well. My other concern would be that all discussions in here, ideas, proposals and etc; may end up being ignored because there’s no unity (yet).


@sjsadowski You bring up a good point, and in no way do I think this is a replacement for tracking issues in GitHub.

Honestly, I would be more inclined to use such a feature as that only to move/track the “help me” issues. I do not really see those belonging in GitHub. They muddy the issues and create an ambiguity once a response has been given about whether it should be closed or not.

Where I think this forum can shine is for:
(1) the more general planning type discussions; and
(2) help and support queries.


@ahopkins That’s initially why I suggested some sort of kanban or other visual board. GitHub projects seems like it would be best (thanks for the suggestion!) because we can link cards to issues and PRs.


Are you still interested in doing this? Need me to set it up? It would be nice to be able to visualize and understand what is going into 18.12.


Yes, I’ve just been bogged down with my day job since last Thursday. I’ll get this done today I think!