EuroPython 2020

I will be presenting next week at this year’s EuroPython (virtual conference). While not specifically in Sanic, I will be using it heavily in my talk. If anyone is going to be attending, I’d love for you to join the talk and let me know your thoughts afterwards.

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Will there be a video back then? Can you send it out and let us study it too :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Absolutely. I think the official video will be available from EuroPython in a few weeks after the event.

Slides and examples will be made available here:

Thank you for your speech on EuropePython. It was really wonderful. Although I didn’t see the video, I saw your PowerPoint and sample code. I feel it very good. In addition, I would like to ask how to realize OIDC. I happened to be studying OAuth2 recently, but I found that it can only be authorized, but not authenticated. And I can’t find an easy-to-use OAuth2 library. Do you have any good suggestions?

Thank you very much.

Have you looked into sanic-jwt. It is pretty simple to setup an oauth flow if you need it. And, it with a couple function definitions to tell it where to get user info, it will setup a /auth/me endpoint to provide identity.

Are you trying to setup an oauth/openid server, or connect to one?

Wow! Great presentation there!

BTW, sanic-jwt has a simple permission system? That is wonderful! I am working on a simple permission tool either, maybe I can learn from it. :no_mouth:

Thanks :grin:

Yes, there is a permission scoping mechanism built it:

Good luck. If you need any help let me know.

Also, here is a slightly heavier featured standalone version:

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