Did COVID-19 hit Sanic?

There has been almost no sign of life from any of the core developers over the past month, and the 20.3 release was missed too. So, are you alright and just busy with other things, or what is up?

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I’m dealing with it at multiple levels with family members who are quarantined/infected, managing a financial impact personally, and my professional responsibilities going through the roof.

There’s core developers forum that I thought you’d been added to where I noted I was effectively out of action for the foreseeable future. @ahopkins can we get @Tronic added to that? He’s been rowing the boat for quite some time now.

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Oh, sorry to hear that. Thankfully it isn’t that bad around where I live. Keep safe and do what you must…

Hey everyone. I am getting back into things. What a wild time this is for everyoe. Yes, looking forward to getting (1) @Tronic on board, (2) clearing out my ridiculously long GitHub, and (3) back to getting Sanic moving.

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