Development Guideline Enhancements



Moving the discussions from PR #1537 to this thread.

I think we can do a few things to ensure that we can simplify the work of adding changelogs in the future.

  1. A pre commit hook to check the changelogs are updated as part of each PR
  2. A pre commit hook to ensure that the commit messages adhere to the guidelines of Semantic commit such as the one suggested by Daniel on the PR thread or Conventional Commits

If we adhere to these standards, we can easily automate the process of extracting the commit messages into Changelogs as well for exporting it to the git tag/sanic website.


I am not familiar with Conventional Commits, but will review it. Looks promising.

Another resource that I like: Keep a Changelog.


Also, at last year’s EuroPython I attended a talk on reno. It is a tool that the Open Stack team created to manage release notes. They have a MUCH larger group of contributors, and this helps manage the process while avoiding merge conflicts, etc.


I actually put this into work in my previous company. It was super easy to use and helpful to generate the release information easily so that it can be communicated to the customers.


In your opinion on it, is it a good fit for what we need? Or too much?


We need to think a bit of the structures of the notes path(reno slug file directory structures) and see if it fits our development cycles easily. Let me do a quick prototype over the weekend and share. We can take a call after that.

There are a few other alternatives as well like towncrier. Let me see which one of them is easier to manage without too much extra development efforts