Blaise is happy to be here!

Hi, my name is …

  • Blaise Pabon
    Reformed Sales Engineer, recovering release manager, lapsed Divemaster, HAM radio operator by the grace of God.

I’ve been programming in Python since …

  • 2015 (when I integrated Sphinx with my company’s toolchain)

Currently, I am using sanic to …

Prototype a network monitoring agent running on a dedicated appliance.

I was excited by @ahopkins enthusiasm on the Talk Python interview. I help with the Fedora project and I have been involved with Open Source since 1993.

Sweet… I’m curious to hear more about the monitoring app. Is this a hobby project?

I remember as a kid my grandfather’s radio equipment sitting right above his Commodore 64. Both were magical to me, but I only ever figured out how one of them operates :sunglasses:. K1VFM.

Actually… no. I don’t really know how much I can disclose, but it turns out that there is a requirement to deploy several thousand of these across North America. The aim is to collect operational stats of commercial equipment. I’m just in a crunch to stand up a working prototype, so I’m trying to make good initial choices up and down the stack.
For example, it’s likely that at some point I may have to switch transports to MQTT because some of the sites are heavy on SCADA devices.

Oh, how cool! is he SK? I got into the hobby in the 90’s when it was kind of a geek union card. Then I dropped out for a long time and just got back into in 5 years ago.

Blaise KK6IHP

Nope. He is in his 90s now. I think he still operates his radios, but maybe not so much anymore.

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I know how this kind of project can take enourmous proportions. I used to work with the HP TeMIP platform and made a lot of customizations for a telco company - that didn’t used standardized (IANA) agents so every single sensor would spit any kind of message through SNMP … And we (the company) had to write custom filters to normalize this data in a middleware before entering the “TeMIP territory”. The fun part of the project was to rip off everything written in Java and create a V8 wrapper to Oracle and rewrite all normalization algorithms in JavaScript … And unload the server from Java, which was a great benefit. This was 10+ years ago I guess. Nowadays we have plv8 (for Postgres), and I haven’t put my fingers on Oracle since 2010 I guess … It’s a very interesting area, though :wink:

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