Automatically create Subprocess

Hi. I found a bug(maybe) in the new version of sanic, 22.9
Just using the Getting Started case, Hello World, and it will automatically create 1 main process and 2 subprocesses. I tried like setting fast = False, workers = 1, limit the subprocess creation… all failed.
it’s so weird. Meanwhile, i used the final ultimate solution - uninstall and install old version(22.3), and it gone. More weird XD

I dont know if it is a bug but it makes me feels really upset because i thought it was my fault setting some unproper params in pytorch or in some other module

btw, sanic is a really good web server framework

Extra info: linux system, Ubuntu 18.4, python 3.8(but i dont think it is python problem cause i use command like ‘sanic’ and it still happens), anaconda, pip install

That is expected. Especially if you had reload on. Please see 22.9 release notes:

Well, that’s quite a big change.
I dont know it’s really good for users 'cause users like me will be so confused if i just upgrade sanic and find it auto creates subprocess and easily makes all project not work. But i know you have your concerns, so i dont know
Anyway, thanks for your reply. This is helpful.

Agreed, which is why we do not introduce changes like this in LTS releases and why we use them in the first place.