Async Auth: A powerful, simple and async authentication and authorization library for Sanic

Hey guys. I would really appreciate if you took the time to either contribute, provide feedback, or even use Async Auth.

Async Auth is an authentication and authorization library made easy. Specifically designed for use with Sanic. This library comes packed with features such as:

  • SMS and email verification
  • Easy login and registering
  • JWT
  • Easy database integration
  • Wildcard permissions
  • Role permissions
  • Captcha
  • Password recovery
  • Completely async

This repository has been starred by Sanic’s core maintainer!

For more info, visit the repo here: GitHub - sunset-developer/asyncauth: A powerful, simple, and async authentication and authorization library for Sanic.

Nice work. Don’t forget to add it here: GitHub - mekicha/awesome-sanic: A curated list of awesome Sanic resources and extensions

Didn’t you release another auth lib not that long ago?

Happy to hear from you! I appreciate it. This framework is the same that I’ve posted before with a name change. I also posted it again because its undergone such dramatic updates where a ton of new features were added and improvements made.

I’ll make sure to add it to the repo you sent! I appreciate your support :).

Awesome, I’ll check it out.