2021 Release Managers and Updates

Happy New Year Everyone :champagne:

The Sanic team is looking forward to 2021. This year there are some incredible improvements in store that will make the framework more usable, and (most importantly) even faster. PR 1876 that will merge in the streaming branch is about ready to be merged. After this we have some other big changes including signals and an overhaul of the router.


This year @vltr will be joining the Steering Council along with @ahopkins and @ashleysommer. The Release Managers will be @vltr and @ahopkins.


We finally renamed the organization on GitHub. Any old links should still work, but everything will be housed at Sanic Community Organization · GitHub.


We opened up GitHub Sponsorship with a link to a new Open Collective site. If you want to throw the team some support, here is a great way to achieve that.

Documentation and Frontpage

You may have noticed that the homepage is different. We are working on moving the documentation. It is not yet complete, but we launched a beta version of it already. Any feedback is definitely welcome. The ultimate coal will be to house the main documentation here, and only use RTD for API docs.