Security Headers Project


-1 on removing the f strings.
I understand @ahopkins, but I really like f strings and I think a lot of people will read your code.
Just my 2 c.


Thanks for the feedback, I did check the download numbers and there are some Python 3.5 users of Secure, so I am glad we did not exclude them - however I agree, I do really like f strings! If another feature pushes us over 3.5 or the < 3.6 downloads cease, I would absolutely change back. I am also working on documentation, so hopefully that will increase the readability.


My $.02 on f strings

  1. USE THEM in your own work.
  2. Be careful when making packages. Understand the use case of the package, who the intended user will be, and what environments they will want to be working in.


This one?


Yes, thank you! I haven’t completed it, but I would say that
the Flask Mega Tutorial
TDD with Python and Django
are neck and neck for “most comprehensive python framework tutorials”

That said, I’m going to be a little quiet for the next few days while I bang out my first Sanic project!
Happy Holidays, everyone. -Blaise