Sanic LTS 18.12.0 Released


Congratulations to @sjsadowski and @yunstanford for navigating us towards our first community release!

And, of course thanks to the @core-devs and all 23 persons that committed to the project and volunteered their time to make this release possible.

  • Adam Hopkins
  • Alec Buckenheimer
  • Andres Sanchez
  • Arun Babu Neelicattu
  • Ashley Sommer
  • Colin Caine
  • Eli Uriegas
  • Harsha Narayana
  • Hasan Ramezani
  • Igor Hatarist
  • Jacob
  • JeongKyungSeo
  • Lewis
  • lixxu
  • Markus Unterwaditzer
  • Meng Wang
  • Nir Galon
  • Omar Ryhan
  • Raphael Deem
  • Richard Kuesters
  • Stephen Sadowski
  • Tim&Anna
  • Yun Xu

All told, there was 153 commits. And perhaps one of the biggest milestones, Sanic went from 81% test coverage to 91%!! :confetti_ball: :tada:

We hope everyone is having a great end to their 2018, and best of luck for a happy and successful 2019.



Whats the hashtag to tweet this with?


I tweet with #Sanic. Open to other ideas.


I think #sanicframework should be good.


Sold. #sanicframework it is.


Woohoo! this was exciting to see coming back from my new years sabbatical!


Also it would be good to make the announcement on the web page.


Agreed. I’m hoping as well to scrap it in favor of something nicer. Just need someone willing to head it up.


I will try and see if i can.