Sanic does not exit on KeyboardInterrupt

I’m using sanic with python-socketio.

When I type Ctrl-c to shutdown the app, sanic prints “Stopping worker process [id]” and hangs. Is there a fix for this?

What version of sanic? What happens when you take out that plugin? What kind of machine are you using?

I’m using the latest version of sanic (20.6.3). Taking out socketio causes the keyboard interrupt to work almost immediately. I am on macOS.

OK, so something with that package is obviously interfering. Can you provide a quick snippet to test to replicate the issue?

I was going to try to simply this further, but I think my project code is simple enough to understand and reproduce the issue without too much extra detail:

$  python                                                                                                                                              (env: TEMP) 
[2020-08-02 00:53:48 +0300] [134513] [INFO] Goin' Fast @
[2020-08-02 00:53:48 +0300] [134513] [INFO] Starting worker [134513]
^C[2020-08-02 00:53:49 +0300] [134513] [INFO] Stopping worker [134513]
[2020-08-02 00:53:49 +0300] [134513] [INFO] Server Stopped

What machine are you running this on? I have a copy of your code and was able to start and stop with Ctrl+C no problem.