Call to arms: Testing coverage


Between now and the 18.12 release I’d like to see our testing coverage pass 90%. That seems reasonable. We are currently at 81-83%.

I’m asking anyone and everyone to do what you can over the next few weeks to add tests, tests, and more tests!


Yes Please! We’ve got bug fixes coming in at a rate of 1 every 2 days or so, but we’d love to up our coverage!

Another New Guy

#4 seems to be the number 1 area that coverage is lacking. What’s the best way to go about testing these utilities? I can see why it’s been pushed until the very end, as they’re awkward to test.


There is an open discussion related to Reloader It might be a good idea to hold onto adding additional tests to that feature until that discussion comes to a conclusive end.


Yeah, well, I was thinking the other day that we can start deprecating the reloader, since a new tool is underway (slowly, anyway) and just have it ignored from the testing coverage.