18.12LTS and 19.XX


Hi All -

I’m sure I don’t actually need to make this post, but in the interests of good release management, I’m going to anyway.

Just a quick reminder that we’re now supporting two codebases, 18.12LTS which will be supported for 2019 until 2019.12LTS is released and the master branch. If we have fixes that are required for 18.12 please make sure that you fork that branch and submit your PRs based on the fork to the branch, as master will continue to diverge.



Since you bring this up … we should confirm and discuss the question: what changes do we continue to make to the LTS?

Bugs? Security patches? What else?


My thought is that it’s contained to security and actual bug fixes. We want it to remain as-is as much as possible, I think. No major changes or improvements (those happen in master) so as to make sure people using sanic in production have a reasonable expectation to be able to upgrade with said security/bug fixes with no issues.